Tips for Dressing up your Oversized Flannel Shirts

We are overjoyed that 90s fashion is making a comeback since it means we can wear our wholesale oversized flannel shirts and button-ups again! An oversized flannel shirt is the most comfortable thing to have in any season; borrow one from your significant other’s closet. From the classic plaid to floral designs and simpler styles, you’re sure to discover the fitting flannel shirt to match your look.

Check out our suggestions on how to dress this classic piece in this blog for some style inspiration.

Experiment with Some Traditional Color Schemes

If you’re too sluggish to put together another outfit, simply choose the first flannel shirt from your drawer and match it with a bottom of a similar hue. Try a monochromatic appearance by matching the blue stripes on your flannel shirt to the color of your denim. There are many options available, and for more petite ladies, this design has the added benefit of elongating your body.

Wrapped It Around Your Waist

What about putting a flannel shirt around your waist on days when it’s not cold enough to cover up but yet cool enough to be uncomfortable in just a t-shirt? For a rebellious street-style feel, combine a classic pair of hi-top Converse with a flannel-cinched midi dress. It emphasizes your hourglass form and provides you with something to put on when the weather warms up.

Experiment with Layers Atop Layers

Wearing flannel looks especially good in the winter and fall. Wear a leather jacket to achieve the edgy off-duty model appearance. The key to preventing looking like a snowman here is to pick layers that aren’t too thick and have varying lengths. Cropped jeans and a pair of striking antique boots round off this sophisticated outfit. In recent years, retro fashion has made a resurgence. To complete the retro-modern style, combine your oversized flannel with a cozy vintage shirt, wide-leg jeans, and a pair of classic Chucks.

Denim with a Flannel Shirt

Denim is ideal for creating a modern but classic appearance. Women’s soft cotton flannel shirt with timeless designs and characteristics like button cuffs and a spread collar may be paired with a fashionable light-wash denim skirt, fashionable mom jeans, or a sharp pair of dark wash jeans, depending on your taste. A boyfriend watch looks excellent with flannels and denim.

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