Timeless Yet Super Chic Ways To Style The Classic Flannel Shirts

The art of wearing flannel shirts changes from time to time, and we all love them for being so effortless and versatile. 2019 is also going to witness some of the most fascinating flannel shirts, that will forever be a part of your closet. Whenever we talk about dressing in comfortable and casual clothes, the flannel shirts come into our mind. Most interestingly, it a guy or a girl, almost everybody has flannel apparel in his or her wardrobe!

Here are four most basic and important rules to wear these vintage shirts brought forth by the leading custom flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers.

  • The baggy flannel shirts must be paired with leggings or the skinny jeans, as that balances the whole attire in the correct proportion.
  • The longline flannel shirts can be easily rocked like dresses with belts and boots.
  • Do not wear anything of the same plaid or check design with the similar looking flannel shirts. This gives way to confusing visual interest to the onlookers.
  • The flannel shirt you are going to wear should be the hero of your outfit. Thus, don’t go over the top with fancy colored t-shirt under an unbuttoned, plaid flannel shirt.

But to help you out, we have brought down some of the most mesmerising and easy-to-do style statements, that can be acquired effortlessly in the timeless and chic flannel shirts.

At the beach in shorts

Who doesn’t like adding a coverup to the beach looks? Instead of the usual coverups like shrugs, you should try out something unique and different. For a matter of fact, the flannel shirts look absolutely stunning with the shorts, and they make for cute looks that are also comfortable. Wear the simple tank or crop top with a flannel shirt with flip-flops and strut on the beach like a diva.

Denim and flannel shirts: best combo!

The easiest way to pull off a flannel is by wearing it with jeans. It can never go wrong because that’s the traditional look, and you can half tuck the shirt for a casual vibe. Add a number of chains or neckpieces to this look for a funky edge.

Turn into dress

Do you have an oversized or longline flannel shirt? Time to think out of the box, and wear it like a casual dress. With the flannel dress you can wear long boots to amplify the style, and also add the belt to get a cinched waist look.

The leading flannel shirts wholesale distributors are bringing in new flannel shirts in the market, and you should consider having them in your collection.

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