Styling Flannel Shirts This Winter – 5 Outfit Ideas For Men

Have you been searching for ways to style your winter flannel shirts this winter? You have arrived at the right place!

In this blog, you will get all the needed information. But before you go to the section that discusses how to style your flannel shirts when it gets cold, take a look at how they should fit.

How Winter Flannel Shirts Should Fit

The shoulder seams should sit where your arm meets the shoulder. They shouldn’t be so narrow that crossing your arm across your chest causes creases in your shirt. You should be able to button the collar comfortably. The shirt’s bottom shouldn’t go past your pants’ fly when you wear it untucked. The perfect length is when it hits somewhere around mid-fly. Finally, the sleeves of the shirt should reach up to your wrist. A renowned flannel shirts wholesale manufacturing hub brings forth an enormous collection of classy, quality flannel shirts!

Now that you know how they should fit, it will be easier for you to style them.

How to Style Your Winter Flannel Shirts This Winter


When the weather isn’t that cold, you can opt for this look. With a flannel shirt over a crewneck t-shirt, you can keep things simple and comfortable.


Leather and flannel are both sturdy, thick materials and when you combine the two, they give you a great look, other than protecting you from mid-chilly weather. Consider pairing a classic red and black flannel shirt with a black leather jacket. To finish the look, opt for tan suede boots.


A flannel shirt works smoothly as a base layer and goes great with any casual mid and outer layers. Mix in other textures such as a quilted vest and a fleece zip-up with one to beat the cold. Are you a private label business owner eager to grab your own unusual collection of bulk flannel shirts? Hurry! Reach out to a well-recognized private label flannel shirt wholesaler!


When it’s too cold outside, it’s time to go for a double-flannel look. How about a flannel jacket over a flannel shirt? You can pair them with chinos and chunky boots. Remember, while this combination might end up overheating your body at the office or home, it’s perfect when you are up for some winter sport.


On days and in areas of heavy snowfall, this unique combination is just the look you would want to settle for. Use a turtleneck long-sleeve tee as the base layer, throw on a flannel shirt on top, and finish it with a knee-length wool coat. As for bottoms, try dark-colored denim jeans. Don’t forget combat boots.

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