How To Elevate Your Flannel Shirt Look: 5 Cool Tips

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Just like always, even this year, everyone is obsessed with flannel shirts wholesale. And why not? After all, there is nothing like this super-soft, warm, cozy, and striking clothing piece. If you too have been sporting them frequently in different places and are now in need of some uniquely revamped twists on the beloved look, then the following 5 flannel shirt style tips can help!

5 Flannel Shirt Style Tips:

Add a Vest

If you are interested in adding more dimension to your flannel outfit, try adding a chic vest to it. When you go for this extra layer, it helps your look stand out for a more innovative and modern appearance. Also, being the best winter ensemble layer, the vest helps you feel even warmer on the chillier days, protecting you from the cold. Do add women’s loafers and a cowboy hat to the mix.

Go Ultra-Grunge

Do you have a thing for the genuine grunge styles? While experimenting with brighter shades is far easier to have a modern, cute vibe, you can’t go wrong with a darker, edgier look. Wear an oversized flannel with distressed jeans in order to show off a super trendy grunge look. In this way, you can smoothly channel the iconic grunge spirit of the 90s. For a truly oversized and different look, consider buying from the men’s flannels wholesale section next time.

Settle For a Fun and Bright Look

With a cheerful and bubbly personality, you can easily rock a multi-color flannel shirt. Wear one with a basic t-shirt but make sure that it complements your flannel shirt. As for bottoms, instead of jeans, you can go with an elegant denim skirt. Keep the buttons of your flannel shirt open and if you want you can flaunt some junk jewelry as well.

Try Something Different

Ever tried a biker jacket-flannel shirt combination? Not yet? Try it soon! Ensure to keep everything dark and in perfect harmony with each other. For example, an olive-green flannel shirt with a black biker jacket and deep blue jeans. Try a baggier fit for both the jacket and the shirt and let the extra space do some of their aesthetic work.

Dress It Up

A flannel shirt is such an item that can be easily dressed up or down. If you want to go for a dressier look, you can pair it with a fashionable mini dress. No matter how hard you try, giving your flannel a fancy appearance isn’t really possible but a nice mini dress can still help. Moreover, it can help you exude a classier vibe than any other piece you can think of.

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