Easy And Stylish Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

Men tend to wear the flannel shirt as a wardrobe staple for a specific season. They don’t really put much effort into styling it for a specific event. Flannel has a steadfast aura that makes it one of the iconic staple pieces of a man’s wardrobe. Thus, no wonder bulk flannel shirts suppliers are producing such pieces that have created a buzz in the market.

Thus, you need to browse through the collection that basically consists of such pieces that are designed unconventionally yet are nonetheless versatile. The entire range of flannel shirt is made of such material that are quality certified hence durable in nature.

Thus, read on to know about the different types of flannel shirt outfits you can sport this season.


micro-plaid flannel shirt is perfect for a day in the office. For the bottom wear you can either wear dark chinos or a black denim pant. Either way make sure to keep a color balance with your outfit . It would be advisable to stick to a polished attire instead of opting for layers.

Colorful attire

Pop colored flannel shirts are the rage among the young crop of customers. Hence browse through colors like yellow, greens and even blue for creating an outfit for a casual events. The best way to elevate such clothing pieces is by pairing it with a low-key bottom wear in a muted tone.

Monochromatic option

If you love to sport a monochromatic attire, then chances are that you can find your flannel pieces in such colors. Hence all you need to do is select a black plaid shirt and wear a charcoal black bottoms with it. To add some element opt for a vintage brown leather boots.

Statement pieces

Unconventional colors like a peachy orange or a lemony yellow are great for wearing in the summers. Don’t go overboard in the color department as it will be advisable to keep your bottom wear in subdued tones. Thus a pair of denim pants is all you need to complete the look. For the footwear, either opt for a pair of brogues for a formal look or converse for a casual attire.

Casual layers

For a cute layer on piece for the chilly days of the month, all you need to do is wear a plain white tee and a flannel shirt on top. Make sure to select such pieces in pop tones like a seaweed green or an ultramarine blue. Either way these will look really cool with a camel brown or an ochre yellow chinos.

Primary layer

Pair primary tones with neutral colors to create a balanced color palette. All you need to do is wear a pop yellow shirt with a neutral brown tee and a pair of black denim pants. This outfit is perfect for a casual day look although you can incorporate the same outfit for the night by pairing it with a dark neutral tee.

Thus, business owners who want to include trendy flannel shirts in their store can get in touch with one of the popular wholesale flannel shirts manufacturer. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing and state the bulk needs to the help team about the same.

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