Common Flannel Shirt Care Questions: A Detailed Explanation Given

Weekends are about doing cleaning and grocery, refilling the refrigerator, and more apart from the fun factor that we spend a couple of days with. So, after doing all the cleaning and household work, did you get a chance to watch Barbie? Well, Margot Robbie is everywhere now and her flannel fashion choices like her crop top coupled with a plaid coat have turned heads successfully. A white plaid shirt that Margot has decked herself in made her fans swoon over it and stock such stuff in their wardrobe too. If you are a Robbie aka Barbie fan and have flannel shirts dumped in your wardrobe, caring for these clothes is pretty easy, just read on for sumptuous information on flannel shirt care.

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Listed below are the 4 common flannel shirt care questions and their answers.

How to Wash the Flannel Shirts?

Usually, most clothing items are washed in a heavy cycle of hot water. A full cycle can pull on the threading of the flannel shirts, thus loosening fibers and causing piling. The hot water makes the situation worse, increasing pilling and making the shirts lose their colors over time. If you want to maintain the soft texture and resilience of the flannel shirts, then use a gentle cycle with warm or cool water.

Can I Wash the Shirts in the Machine?

Based on the blend used to create them, most flannel shirts can be machine-washed. Take a look at the care label on the shirts as it will come with washing instructions. One of the most eminent flannel shirt manufacturers brings forth an enormous inventory of marvelous, top-quality, warm flannel shirts that are crafted out of the finest materials!

Can I Use Fabric Softener on the Flannel Shirts?

By avoiding a fabric softener, you can prevent flannel shirts from shrinking and stiffening. A softener can indeed remove soap residue but it develops a film that attaches to the fibers of the shirt. The film causes the fabric to stiffen over time. Instead, go natural. Add between a half cup and a full cup of vinegar to the wash during the rinse cycle. This will get rid of the soap residue without harming the fabric.

How to Dry Cotton Flannel Shirts?

Be very careful when drying cotton flannel shirts as a high level of heat will cause shrinkage in no time. If you are using the dryer, then set it on low heat.
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