Break Free from Flannel Stereotypes with These Classic Shirt Options

Classic flannel shirts are a favorite of modern men. The appeal of these shirts is wide and varied with its roots in American workwear and longstanding links with grunge and lumberjacks. It goes great with denim and leather boots but looks not bad with other pieces as well if you know how to style it in the right way. With a heavyweight, more than that of a regular shirt, you can wear it as a makeshift jacket.
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Done with the flannel-denim look? Want to try something new? Discussed below are the 4 most elegant classic flannel shirt outfits for men. Check it out now!

When Combined with Khaki Pants

No matter the year or era, flannel shirts will always be associated with the lumberjack. It’s a look that can work as smoothly as butter, all you need to do is avoid endless sleeve tattoos and a large beard. A green flannel shirt paired with khaki pants and work boots is an iconic combination that always works its magic.

Pair It with an Unstructured Suit

A flannel shirt can look amazing with an unstructured suit. If the shirt is crafted out of a thinner material, it can add a pop of color under a gently-cut solid-colored blazer without running its line. When you are going for this one, remember to pick a shirt in which the color in the pattern complements the suit well. This makes sure that the two will work in harmony. A renowned flannel clothing manufacturing unit offers a wide collection of striking, cheap flannels in bulk!

Consider Corduroy

One of the best parts of choosing a flannel shirt over any other type is the amount of texture it brings. Its weight and tactile nature let you introduce other complementary, heavier fabrics. For example, it can look eye-pleasing with corduroy trousers. The smooth, raised nap of the flannel combined with the velvety corduroy offers this outfit an additional dimension, therefore being a visual treat for the viewers.

As an Overshirt and with Pleated Trousers!

A flannel shirt can work well as an overshirt due to its slightly heavier and hardy material. Layer a flannel over a tee, pairing it with pleated trousers and sneakers for casual style.
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