Five Reasons Flannel Shirts Are So Damn Fine

Flannel shirts have made their way into the personal style statements of the masses today, be it, men, women or children. A random visit to any retail store will support this statements with views of flannel shirts selling like hot cakes. Flannel shirts are extremely popular and can be worn for most occasions and activities be it cutting woods or doing physically exerting jobs. These shirts are immensely durable, rugged and warm and last for a very long time. Retail shops are buying bulk mens flannels shirts to meet the rising demand, and here’s why the demand and popularity of flannel shirts is all set to rise in the days to come.

Comfort Is King

Flannel shirts are super comfortable and warm and the soft feeling the fabrics is highly appreciated and embraced by the masses. Made from lightweight wool fabric flannels were always meant to feel comfortable on the skin. Also made from synthetic and wool fibers, flannels provide their wearers with the much needed warmth during the winter and rainy seasons.

Appealing for Both Sexes

Flannels are unisex which means that they can be worn by both genders which is one of the strongest reasons of their massive popularity. Providing far more warmth and comfort from element than most fabrics, these shirts are heavily in demand for their utility for both sexes. Despite being warm, flannels are also very breathable and allow moisture and sweat to escape the body.

Liked By All Age Groups

The demand and love for flannels cuts across genders and age groups and right from teens to the middle-aged groups to senior citizens, all age groups profess an unapologetic love for flannels for regular casual wear. Available in a multitude of colors, designs and styles, these shirts have a very long shelf life.

Multitude Of Options

The rising demand for flannels has made the manufacturers sit up and take notice and this segment has seen a fair bit of innovation and healthy competition which has resulted in fresh offerings being introduced to the market. Manufacturers especially flannel shirt manufacturers USA have launched plaid patterned, sleeves and a multitude of other very exciting flannels to entice the consumers and grab a pie of this rapidly enhancing market. People looking for style and substance for their fashion requirements are seldom disappointed by the multitude of options on offer in this segment.


Along with being the perfect combo of style and practicality, these shirts are also very affordable. Ranging from $100 – $200 for premium and $20 or even less for the cheaper quality, their affordability is another strong factor which determines their popularity among the masses. There are many reputed brands in the market today which offer affordable flannels for all genders and age groups.

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