4 Easiest Flannel Shirt Cleaning Tips For Men

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The flannel shirt rose in popularity in the early nineties, after the rise of grunge music and alt-rock, and has never gone out of style ever since then. It has remained an incredibly versatile and chic look. The major plus of a flannel shirt lies in its color schemes and styles.

You will find a wide variety, out of which you can easily choose the ones you like and make a fashion statement wherever you go. Do you know that a prominent men’s flannel shirts manufacturer brings forth a massive inventory of refined bulk men’s flannel shirts?

Easy Flannel Shirt Cleaning Tips

If you have an immense love for your flannel shirts and want them to keep on making you look the best, then given below are some flannel shirt cleaning tips that will help (Oh! Don’t worry as they are perfect for even the laziest guys with an annoyance for washing apparel):

1. Always wash your flannel shirts in only cool or warm water. Hot water affects the softness of the fabric and speeds up fading. Additionally, make sure to keep the water temperature consistent. In other words, if you are washing in warm water, then rinse in warm water, and if you are washing in cold water, then rinse in cold water. Are you a private label business owner reading this blog and eager to buy innovative, high-quality wholesale private label flannel shirts? Contact a reliable private-label flannel shirt manufacturer today!

2. In the next step of cleaning your flannel shirts, you need to choose the cycle speed. Opt for the gentle cycle on your washing machine, after going for warm or cool water. The agitation created during the heavy-duty or daily wash cycle stresses the fibers in the flannel shirts, resulting in piling.

3. Never go for harsh detergents full of chemicals to clean your flannel. Also, avoid those that contain bleach alternatives or bleach additives. They will destroy the fabric in no time. Instead, opt for a gentle detergent. It will keep your flannel shirts from fading.

4. The fabric softeners never actually do any good. Yes, they make the fabric feel softer at first but over time clog the fibers and cause the material to stiffen. Depending on the load size, you can consider using a cup of white vinegar. They will keep your shirts soft and smelling great.

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